Update - latest patch 1.2.0 issues first: Expertzkris 12.07.2021last: admin 12.19.2021  Please enlighten why this is happening in latst patch 1.2.0  
Adding Link Icon in browser?first: JZandreiatti 12.18.2021last: Geek_Girl 12.18.2021So I am trying to remember where you add your site URL icon to the browser.... Like at the top where your favorite tabs are a...
PDOException Error Triggeredfirst: Geek_Girl 11.24.2021last: Geek_Girl 11.25.2021I am seeing a PDOException error being triggered when I switch templates while viewing a profile. It does not appear to happe...
Testing statusfirst: WillMonte 08.07.2021last: WillMonte 08.08.2021The attached photo is so far what i have done and no problems were detected. I will continue Monday.
MODULES php also Video upload issuesfirst: stevebgs 04.04.2021last: WillMonte 04.26.2021I have some bug in my system I try to instal modules but they will not install and sometimes i get cant find modules.php page...
Text in description storefirst: WillMonte 03.04.2021last: WillMonte 03.04.2021This is a view with mobile. Text and characters exceed parameters. Please view image.
Categories are not loadingfirst: Geek_Girl 03.01.2021last: Geek_Girl 03.01.2021Categories are not loading either in the frontend or the backend.  The table sys_categories exist and is populated.  I have n...
Video exceeds block via mobilefirst: WillMonte 02.03.2021last: WillMonte 02.03.2021This is a 3rd party module "friends bulletin" I went to view a bulletin that I created via mobile and noticed video ex...
Template Key Shown On Pagefirst: Geek_Girl 01.31.2021last: admin 02.01.2021In the profile comments block I am seeing a template key displayed.  What could be causing this?  Need advice on tracking dow...
Limited characters in descriptionfirst: WillMonte 01.28.2021last: WillMonte 01.28.2021Hi, so i was creating a page using pages module, once i arrived to the description block, i attempted to write your typical d...
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