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Redirect link after login using email validation.

Yes it's in member.php

Starting at line 162 look for this.

if (!$sUrlRelocate = $sRelocate or $sRelocate == $site['url'] or basename($sRelocate) == 'join.php' or 0 !== mb_stripos($sRelocate, CH_WSB_URL_ROOT)) {
    $sUrlRelocate = CH_WSB_URL_ROOT . 'member.php';


You will need to change this.

$sUrlRelocate = CH_WSB_URL_ROOT . 'member.php';

To this.

$sUrlRelocate = CH_WSB_URL_ROOT . getNickName($member['ID']);



I'm trying different join procedures to make it easier for new members.  Some members have expressed concern over the time it takes admins to approve profiles, despite being between 1 and 6 hours. As it's a site with very few daily join-ups we're considering this method in Advanced Settings/Moderation:

Auto-activate profiles after joining
Preserve profile status after profile info editing
Auto-confirm profile without confirmation email
Enable notification about new members
Enable notification about unregistered members

When the prospective member gets a validation email and clicks the link, they eventually reach this window:

When they login, they're taken to the Account page, but in our case, this is the least used page on the site. Our rewritten email instructs them to update their Profile before anything else, so we want them to be taken to the Profile page first. 

Unfortunately I can't find the place to change the URL to achieve this. Hopefully it's not difficult.

I understand the location is in member.php

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