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Admin can't access Albums

Unless someone can come up with a better way, it seems that you will have to create a special admin profile with no profile pic and no photos. You can then go to your Edit profile and select "Only Me" From the Who can see me options.

People will receive a limited access message if they click your profile link. It's not perfect, but it will probably do me.


how to stop members seeing the admin profile.

I have often wished that one could log in as admin without being a profile and see all content and perform functions etc.  I had issues on one site where I wanted to spread out the workload but a lot of members did not want to be admins for the potential abuse one could get.  I solved it by creating a profile with admin access but it did not have any identifying information as to the true member behind the profile.

Okay, I resolved this one. I was going through my old notes yesterday and I came across a member's post on Boonex on how to stop members seeing the admin profile. He or she said the easiest way was to deactivate it in the members section in the Dashboard. I tried it, it worked perfectly and I forgot about all it - until now. I reactivated the profile and now I can access my albums.

Sorry. Stumped on that one. As it's only one account i cannot think of anything that would cause that.

I may have done this one myself, but I've replaced all the files I changed unless I forgot to write one down. 

When I, as Admin click the Album icon, I'm presented with Access Denied. When I use another profile, I can access the albums. I also have another Admin created from Members in the Dashboard and he can also access albums. It's just me!

I've been making thumbnails smaller in the Photos section, but I've only done it 20 times before without a hitch. Unfortunately I've run out of ideas.

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