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Birth Date disappears from Profile Edit

Thanks Deano. Everything is back to normal. Much appreciated.  John

Hi Deano, I'm sorry but I completely missed your earlier post. Thanks for your kind thoughts and yes, I'm feeling so much better already. I have far more energy,  but I'm very run-down physically. That's my next challenge.

I'll try the replacement file immediately, but that leads me to the following comment.

The forum should automatically subscribe the person creating the post. This seems to be standard procedure with every forum I'm on, thus I forget to subscribe and often miss important responses like yours.

I'll make it a suggestion.



@John.  Have you updated the file i mentioned below and rechecked to see if it solves the issue with your tabs module?


John hope you get better bro!

Thanks G_G.  All done while listening to Pink Floyd.


Thanks Deano. I can't  do much  anyway.  In  hospital  having a pacemaker  fitted.


Oh my; get well soon.

Oh. Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon.

When your ready, try replacing the file templates/base/scripts/ChBaseFormView.php with the one from the repo.

I found a bug in that file that was clearing the date field.

Thanks Deano. I can't  do much  anyway.  In  hospital  having a pacemaker  fitted.



Thanks Deano. I can't  do much  anyway.  In  hospital  having a pacemaker  fitted.



It might be a issue having to do with the upgrade to tinymce.

Yes, TinyMCE keeps changing how everything works.  I am wondering if time to move to something else; like

Ok. This may not be the module.

In Cheetah 1.2.0 the date field loads fine. But in the new upcoming version 1.3.0 that is in the repo, it does not load correctly. So something is wrong there that i will need to find and fix first.

It might be a issue having to do with the upgrade to tinymce. I'll have to fix that first before i can look into possible module problems.

ProfileTabs is not the easiest module to install, but once done it worked flawlessly on a Dolphin site with about 15 modules from various vendors.  I closed that site down for other reasons and installed it on another where it also worked fine. I'm converting that site to Cheetah and that where I've struck problems.

There are a few issues with the module. Firstly, the "View Profile' end was written by Expertzkris and the "Edit Profile" part, which was a hack, was written by his brother. Both operated completely differently which confused me. I have no idea how the Edit section went with my members, but most never filled those tabbed sections in.

Profile Tabs was a fantastic built-in feature of Oxwall and Elgg etc.  I asked Deano a few months ago if it could be included as a feature in Dolphin. Some sites such as dating or meetup sites demand for a lot of questions to be answered and the Tabs do stop members missing things.

If anyone wants to see a demo of the tabs working, go

I'm also happy to assist anyone trying to install ProfileTabs once we get it operating on my site. It's actually easy when you know the traps.


I had issues with the Profile Tabs module on a Dolphin site; I didn't try to track it down, just removed it from the site.  Nice module but it had issues on Dolphin as well; I assumed it was a conflict with a different module but never investigated.

Thanks Deano - Sent

Send me a copy of the tabs module. I'll see if i can find the cause.

You got it in one! As soon as I installed the script the Birth date went blank. That was before I even set up the tabs.

The SQL isn't huge and I can't see anything that could cause it to block the date. The script does call for:

`tabs_caption` varchar(200) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,

I changed it to  `tabs_caption` varchar(200) COLLATE utf8mb3_unicode_ci NOT NULL, which I believe Cheetah uses but it made no difference.

Damnation. I need those tabs.


That's what I planned to do when I get home. I'll try deleting Profile Tabs from the mirrored site and see what that does. Gee I hope it's not Profile Tabs, I want to use them.

Based on the results you posted from the inspector, it's missing the value. Meaning it's not getting loaded when the edit form is loaded.

It's has to be interference from one of the modules.

I suggest another clean test site, and install the 3'rd party modules one at a time until the problem returns.

This is only a guess, but the only module i see that may have an effect on this would be the profile tabs module. But that's just a guess.

I can't throw any more light on this. I have two test sites with about six third party modules and the problem exists on both. I have a clean site I'm using for tutorials and it's fine.

The field looks identical in Fields builder when I use Inspector, but it's different in Edit Profile as per the previous post.

The modules I have installed are all functioning as planned : 

Modzzz: Advanced Groups, Ultimate Blogs, Blog Cover, Clubs, Premium Events, Event cover,  Clubs, Who Viewed me.
Anton: Personal Bookmarks, Profile Photos Carousel, Profile Notes
ExpertKris: Profile Tabs
Cheetah HTML5 Audio/ Video, Page Access Control, Photos, Videos, Timeline, Forum



I used Inspector to compare the field on this site and on mine:



When I took the screenshot, there was a date entered.


I have all caches off except the top ones - Enable DB Cache Enable Cache For Profiles Information. I tried switching them off, no difference.

I removed the filed in Fields builder, saved the site and replaced them again (Admin/Member). same problem.


Do you have any of the caching options in admin turned on? CSS and JS caching and compression should be off and remain off while working on a site.

Only thing i can think of is possible JavaScript problems.

This could be a glitch or it's being caused by a third party module. It's now happened on two sites.

The Birth date field on the Edit profile page is empty when a member returns to edit their profile.  It has to be filled in again before the profile can be saved. 

It's in the database and the person's age is shown correctly.

Any suggestions?

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