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5d ago
I have a site with a lot of modules like photos, videos, stories, classifieds etc., but everything is private. Despite this I want the site to be listed in the search engines. I've created three (3) information pages and I want these and the home page to be the only pages listed.Cheetah's Sitemap doesn't seem to offer that control, or does it?I read a post by Deano  on another forum about Robots.txt and it would seem a lot easier if I could just list the four pages and tell
6d ago
It will be quite some time before i will be developing any new modules for cheetah. So at this point in time, i would have to say no.Perhaps a 3'rd party will at some point.
11d ago
Also if so, how will that function with Cheetah or will that be a 3rd mod that needs to be developed?
11d ago
Wassup Deano, Hope all is well, I have a question, I know Cheetah has obviously groups & forums, etc... Will Cheetah have at some point "Spaces?" Thanks!
11d ago
I mentioned a problem I struck with this little script in another post, but  being  a long post some people may miss it. Admirer is a free and tiny script that runs on your VPS server. It's like phpMyAdmin which is usually offered on Shared servers,  but not on servers like Digital Ocean. Admirer seems to have a download limit which is about equal the number of fields in a Cheetah database. However, if you add a few 3rd Party modules and try to download  or export the database, it may be tr
12d ago
This headline appeared in today's press: Small businesses could be forced to protect customers' personal information, under government changes to Privacy Act"They would have to have a privacy policy, they'd need to ensure that they kept personal information secure and delete it or de-identify it when it was no longer required for their purposes." Note: Small businesses with a turnover below $3m are currently exempt. We've been hit by
19d ago
It's fine and the remember me can be handled by the browser password manager.
24d ago
Yea, there won't be anything i can do about tab closing anyhow. It's how the browser handles cookies. It won't remove session cookies until the browser is closed.
24d ago
That works well so far on the test site. If I close the tab and and open a new one, the site stays open, but when the browser is closed I have to log in. That's what I want. Thanks
24d ago