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Allowing Profile Blocks to appear on Account (Page

Thanks Deano, that worked fine. It's not the way I originally did it, so someone may have given me an SQL dump.

Thanks Deano. I don't have your module listed in my collection and I usually make notes of any changes I make. That's why I thought it was one of Moddzzz modules. 

I only want specific blocks on the account page and they're working on 7.4.2. I'll give your suggestion a try.

It may have been my old block tools module. I have not updated that tool since i stopped working on dolphin modules, so it most likely won't run on cheetah or even the latest version of dolphin.

However, if it's a PHP block, then a simple database change in sys_page_compose to change the page the block is on is all that is needed if the block works on other pages.

I think my memory is fading! On my old Dolphin site I have a number of blocks on the Profile page and Account page in Page Builder. For example, I have Modzzz Who Viewed Me and Who I have Viewed  on the account page, which I consider the best place, but Modzzz only allowed one of those blocks to appear there in his module. Somehow I moved the second one and others there as well.

I realise some blocks don't work on some pages, but there are some that may work elsewhere.

Unfortunately I can't remember how I allowed that and other blocks to the Account page. Initially I thought I did it with Modzzz Default blocks, but that module actually doesn't do a lot from what I can see.

Does anyone recall a module that allows this, or is there a code hack I may have used?

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