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The release schedule has been changed slightly. New schedule is here. There will still be two final stable released per year. That has not changed. What has changed is how and when betas are released. Previously i was going to release a beta every month in between each final. But that is not going to be feasible. I need more time to do work on the code to get more done before i start playing with betas.
I plan to try and stick to a regular predictable release schedule rather than the unpredictable BoonEx method of announcing a release and then some months later while everyone is waiting, finally release a few very quick back to back betas with little time to test.
My hosting company will be performing network maintenance that could create some downtime for my server on April 20'th and April 22'nd.
The move to the permanent domain is complete. Next i will be updating the github repo to fix all of the links and file headers.
A GitHub repo for Cheetah is now available. See the developer info section of the site for links. Also available is Cheetah 1.0.0 Beta 1 for testing.
The website will get a new domain name which will be it's permanent address sometime in April. I can't do it this month or the next. I have to many domains coming up for renewal on those months. I have to wait. The change in the domain name will not make a difference to members anyway. The site will not be reset, so any members that signup will not loose their accounts. And the old location will be redirected to the new address.
The new Market for vendors for this site is almost complete. Couple of weeks left. Next i will be getting a Documentation Wiki setup and then some final adjustments to the site. Then work on the first beta release of Cheetah. Getting close now. Couple more months or so.
Cheetah GitHub Repo will soon be made public. Once Cheetah 1.0.0 is released i plan on making the GitHub Repo public so you can view tickets and progress on upcoming releases.
Currently working on a market for the site. After playing around with the built in store module, i found it to be unsuitable for my needs. So i am creating a new market module for the site so developers can sell modules and templates for cheetah.
Cheetah 1.0.0 is soon to be released. Based on Dolphin 7.4.2 the first version will not be any different than dolphin. However all references to Boonex have been changed. All defines starting with BX_DOL have been changed as well as css prefixes such as bx- as well as many other prefix and file name and class name changes. Unfortunately this also means that no modules or templates written for Dolphin will work with Cheetah. I am working on a conversion script that will convert modules and templates written for Dolphin 7.4.2 to work with Cheetah 1.0.0
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