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Not in the works at this time. This is due to the fact that the major changes i have planned are what are referred to as breaking changes. That is changes that will not be backwards compatible with older templates. I do have plans in the future to switch to the popular bootstrap CSS framework as well as new UI and Font libraries. A new far more advanced page builder is also planned as well as a new menu builder system that will allow menus to be built as widgets that can be plugged into different parts of pages. All of that is on hold at the moment as i wait for developers of modules and templates to show more interest. And if they don't, it will eventually be done anyway.
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Hi, just curious if anything is or will be available soon? I know u been busy, but i'm just curious on what's cooking on your end....Deano
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01.08.2022 · From WillMonte
Hi I just wondered if any one has or developing any modern looking templates  for CHeetah
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01.14.2022 · From stevebgs
The photos module allows admins to stipulate the size of photos and I currently use 700 px. Cheetah 1.2.0 also has a setting to delete the original, which can be quite large depending on what size the site allows to be uploaded. Modern Mobile Phones and digital cameras can take massive photos betwee…
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11.23.2021 · From Johnk
Hey Deano, Do you have plans to enhance the sounds module? Can the "view sounds" page be added to the "customize module" so that user can change color of border, etc? I think u mentioned at some point you were going to add thumbnail capabilities?
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12.04.2021 · From WillMonte
Deano, i'm just curious about a couple of things, when do you plan on releasing the mobile chat rooms and will the site be responsive on mobile devices, tablets, etc...?
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08.20.2021 · From WillMonte
Is it possible to clear the queue on the massmailer?
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04.28.2021 · From Geek_Girl
Hey Deano, quick question, when is the next release....and will it include the new chat? I know you have a schedule for releases, but just curious if anything changed?
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03.26.2021 · From WillMonte
Hello, does Cheetah plan to provide the red notification for badges that are saved on mobile screens? Please see picture for reference.
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03.24.2021 · From WillMonte
Hi can some one tell me where i edit the about us page and inseret some text I cant find a language key  to edit ?
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04.03.2021 · From stevebgs
Hi there. As stated in title im trying to set up cheetah  SMTP to work with mailersend . It appears the Cheetah SMTP module does not at the moment have the option to  use  STARTTLS   which is different to TLS . Mailersend will not work with TLS..   ANy suggestions here guys . Do yoiu have the intent…
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03.31.2021 · From stevebgs
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