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The language key you are seeking is: _ABOUT_US There will be editors in place later on for editing these keys.
Asked by stevebgs in    Answered by Geek_Girl
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Hey Deano, quick question, when is the next release....and will it include the new chat? I know you have a schedule for releases, but just curious if anything changed?
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03.26.2021 · From WillMonte
Hello, does Cheetah plan to provide the red notification for badges that are saved on mobile screens? Please see picture for reference.
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03.24.2021 · From WillMonte
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Hi can some one tell me where i edit the about us page and inseret some text I cant find a language key  to edit ?
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7 days ago · From stevebgs
Hi there. As stated in title im trying to set up cheetah  SMTP to work with mailersend . It appears the Cheetah SMTP module does not at the moment have the option to  use  STARTTLS   which is different to TLS . Mailersend will not work with TLS..   ANy suggestions here guys . Do yoiu have the intent…
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10 days ago · From stevebgs
Ok, i believe i have figured out how to use my UNA platform, I have both Cheetah & UNA, so my question is the following, i have the dolphin connect set up over at my UNA site, so that members can easily switch from my WDS site to my ChatWDS site, are there any plans to build a UNA connect for Ch…
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03.06.2021 · From WillMonte
Hi, i know i had it saved, but can't find it.
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01.18.2021 · From WillMonte
I see the html & text block in page builder, but both are not available yet. Deano do you know more or less when?
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01.07.2021 · From WillMonte
Now that 1.1.0 stable is out, what is the upgrade process? This is not only for me now, but should be clearly stated on this Cheetah Answer Page.
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01.03.2021 · From Steve
Hi Deano :-) good to see things progressing with Cheetah! I just found it so looking forward to seeing how it goes...   Can you tell me if the following would be something thats possible with Cheetah as I need this functionality for a new project...   Video section with Categories... able to filter …
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12.28.2020 · From Daihlo
Hello Deano, Will you be making any enhancements to the sounds module like you did with video play function? The speed?
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12.18.2020 · From WillMonte
How do I set up an Admin notice on the Home page like is on this site?
3 Answers
Home Page
11.29.2020 · From Steve
How does a user delete one of their posts to a Forum?
2 Answers
11.29.2020 · From Steve
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