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Hi Deano :-) good to see things progressing with Cheetah! I just found it so looking forward to seeing how it goes...   Can you tell me if the following would be something thats possible with Cheetah as I need this functionality for a new project...   Video section with Categories... able to filter …
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12.28.2020 · From Daihlo
Hello Deano, Will you be making any enhancements to the sounds module like you did with video play function? The speed?
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12.18.2020 · From WillMonte
How do I set up an Admin notice on the Home page like is on this site?
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Home Page
11.29.2020 · From Steve
How does a user delete one of their posts to a Forum?
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11.29.2020 · From Steve
Can somebody please explain in layman's terms, how to write a Robots.Txt file or use the Site Map to get Google et al  to list the Splash page, the About Us page and little else. Our site contains sensitive information and our members don't want their photos or other information plastered all over t…
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11.25.2020 · From Johnk
Testing to see if i have the answers module fixed.
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09.28.2020 · From admin