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Can't remove Cheetah Logo

Key won't activate.

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Based on logs i see for your license domain names, it appears your server IP address may have changed. Anytime any registered details with a license key changes, such as domain name, changing from http to https or a server IP address changes such as changing hosts or servers, the license key will need to be reset and re-entered on your server. License can be reset from the licenses section.
Posted by admin on 10.22.2023 (10.22.2023)
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  •  admin: 

    You just go to click reset on the license that matches the one your server is using. Then go back to the licenses section in admin on your site, make sure the license key is entered and click register.

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  •  Boomer: 

    This was all set up by GG. Sadly, she ws actually working on this when she passesd. What can I do to make it work? Thank you.

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  •  Boomer: 

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