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Hi I just wondered if any one has or developing any modern looking templates  for CHeetah

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  •  stevebgs: 

    Well the structure og dolphin templates and cheetah has not changed over the years and I keep getting message from web designers often chacing work telling me how dated the web site looks. I use Wix for some other web sites  and afew other sources for tempaltes fro me ecommerce site .  I just think the layout is dated  and i agree with them , I know flash has gone  , and I am NOT a developer, but I think if cheetah is to hold its own and compete with what is out there  there is at some point a need to address the template issue

     2 days ago 
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  •  Johnk: 

    There are some great templates out there, but the Cheetah/Dolphin structure does limit what you can do. I've been very vocal about this over the years because I believe there's an easier way. Smarty Templates (?) came along, but I'm not sure if they can be adapted to Cheetah/Dolphin.

    Years ago when I had the ability to think straight I designed a template system that worked great. All I did was give fields a label such as @name, then designed a template where I could insert the labels. So it looked like this:

    Name: @name
    Address @address

    If I remember correctly it was based on Wordstar's Mailmerge and I wrote it in dBII. If that means nothing, you're too young! The thing was, it worked.


     4 days ago 
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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    Could you be more specific on "modern looking."  Perhaps provide some examples of a "modern looking" template.

     6 days ago 
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