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Hi I just wondered if any one has or developing any modern looking templates  for CHeetah

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Not in the works at this time. This is due to the fact that the major changes i have planned are what are referred to as breaking changes. That is changes that will not be backwards compatible with older templates. I do have plans in the future to switch to the popular bootstrap CSS framework as well as new UI and Font libraries. A new far more advanced page builder is also planned as well as a new menu builder system that will allow menus to be built as widgets that can be plugged into different parts of pages. All of that is on hold at the moment as i wait for developers of modules and templates to show more interest. And if they don't, it will eventually be done anyway.
Posted by admin on 01.21.2022 (01.21.2022)
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  •  stevebgs: 

    Well the structure og dolphin templates and cheetah has not changed over the years and I keep getting message from web designers often chacing work telling me how dated the web site looks. I use Wix for some other web sites  and afew other sources for tempaltes fro me ecommerce site .  I just think the layout is dated  and i agree with them , I know flash has gone  , and I am NOT a developer, but I think if cheetah is to hold its own and compete with what is out there  there is at some point a need to address the template issue

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  •  Johnk: 

    There are some great templates out there, but the Cheetah/Dolphin structure does limit what you can do. I've been very vocal about this over the years because I believe there's an easier way. Smarty Templates (?) came along, but I'm not sure if they can be adapted to Cheetah/Dolphin.

    Years ago when I had the ability to think straight I designed a template system that worked great. All I did was give fields a label such as @name, then designed a template where I could insert the labels. So it looked like this:

    Name: @name
    Address @address

    If I remember correctly it was based on Wordstar's Mailmerge and I wrote it in dBII. If that means nothing, you're too young! The thing was, it worked.


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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    Could you be more specific on "modern looking."  Perhaps provide some examples of a "modern looking" template.

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