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I am try to set up cheetah SMTP to work with mailersend.

Hi there. As stated in title im trying to set up cheetah  SMTP to work with mailersend . It appears the Cheetah SMTP module does not at the moment have the option to  use  STARTTLS   which is different to TLS . Mailersend will not work with TLS..   ANy suggestions here guys . Do yoiu have the intention to inclide STARTTLS in a new verison of Cheetah ?  



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I had not planed on support for STARTTLS, however i can look into it. You stated you were using mailersend. If your using their free service you could instead try sendinblue. which is the SMTP service i use on this site so i know that one works with the SMTP mailer.
Posted by admin on 03.31.2021 (03.31.2021)
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Does SENDINBLUE need SSL or TLS or none ?
Posted by stevebgs on 03.31.2021 (03.31.2021)
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  •  stevebgs: 

    Thanks i am setting up in SendinBlue as per your suggestion


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  •  admin: 

    Also. You could try this.

    Make sure port is set to 587

    And set the option Is your SMTP server requires secure connection to Not Secure even tho port 587 is normally used for secure TLS. This may work with STARTTLS as that actually starts as a normal insecure connection that switches to tls after connection is established.

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