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Logon Asfirst: Johnk 7 days agolast: Johnk 6 days ago1. Hardly a Bug, but when you click Switch Back to Admin, the message seems to remain sticky but not functionable even after ...
Strange Upgrade 1.0.0 to 1.1.1first: Geek_Girl 7 days agolast: Geek_Girl 7 days agoI followed the instructions and when I went to upgrade I got this message:
Custom rss feedfirst: WillMonte 10 days agolast: Geek_Girl 9 days agoSo i was playing with this feature and now i can't channge the link. In other words it's stuck frozen who knows what, please ...
Whiteboardsfirst: Geek_Girl 12.30.2020last: admin 12.30.2020Still able to install Whiteboards in Cheetah beta.  Isn't that a Flash based module?
Photo extensions for ads, groups, etc.first: Geek_Girl 12.29.2020last: Johnk 12.30.2020This is not really a bug as such but thought this would be the best location to post.  Testing on the beta 1.1.0 I see that t...
Comment widthfirst: WillMonte 12.20.2020last: WillMonte 12.22.2020Hello,  can the width of comment be enlarged when replying to a comment? The 2 screenshot attached is when using mobile.
Image inside text blockfirst: WillMonte 12.21.2020last: Geek_Girl 12.22.2020I just noticed this, wanted to let you guys know. Please see image attached. This is a screenshot via mobile.
Sharing buttons from pop upfirst: WillMonte 04.16.2020last: WillMonte 12.18.2020Hi, this is just a suggestion, can we change by removing the reddit, newsvine,delicious and digg buttons with pinterest,insta...
Minor installation "bug(?)"first: Macfionn 12.12.2020last: Johnk 12.12.2020Upon install (htt...
Changing the Cover photofirst: Steve 11.17.2020last: Steve 11.24.2020It doesn't seem possible to change the cover photo of a profile if one had a few images loaded. I would add that the way the ...
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