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Google not showing login popup

It is a modal form. The popup is just a div containing a standard html form that is inserted into the page using jquery when the button is clicked and positioned on top of the other elements of the page.

Jquery being a javascript library, i would also suspect a javascript problem to be the issue.

If it occurs again, please look at the console and see if there are any javascript errors.  If you have added anything that adds new javascript to the home page, it could be in conflict.

I have had issues with the pop-up login on Android phones.  I don't really care for the pop-up login and prefer to just have the form on a splash page instead of the pop-up.  I am not sure the pop-up is a true modal form; Deano might can give more information there.   

UPDATE: So weird.... I had to go to another page, then click login link, then I went BACK to home page and it let me log in...

So found this situation.

When trying to log in from desktop, I am not getting the popup to sign in. the screen goes shaded, but the popup doesn't load. The same thing happens if you try to login from the top right login link.

I can login from my laptop and mobile, but not from my desktop.

UPDATE: Firefox also is not loading the popup or link...

NOTE: If it helps at all, these devices all work with Dolphin, and mentioned browsers (Firefox, Chrome).

THOUGHT: I can't help wonder if this is a popup blocker thing. BUT, why would Dolphin work fine and not Cheetah.

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