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Confusing message when using Mail?

That's interesting. I've just replaced my computer. I wasn't aware it was the web browser doing it. and I wonder why it's not recognising that the form has been successfully completed.

I use Chrome.

Don't think there is much i can do about that. Thats a message from the web browser, not cheetah. It can happen on any page that has a form on it.

Once again, not exactly a bug:

When you use Mail and send a message, it gets sent, you get a notification and all's well.

However, when you click another Menu link, a message appears "Do you really want to leave this page?" 

The average user may see this as a warning that the message wasn't sent, which is not the case.

FB has this warning if you type a post but don't submit it. That's likely to confuse FB users on Cheetah. They may think the message wasn't sent and they could try sending it again.

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