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Hi Deano :-) good to see things progressing with Cheetah!

I just found it so looking forward to seeing how it goes...


Can you tell me if the following would be something thats possible with Cheetah as I need this functionality for a new project...


Video section with Categories... able to filter vids by cat and tag...

Also, user profiles to show their videos again with categories... possibility of making albums? 


Im really after the best platform to make a video centric social network...


thanks and all the best :-)

The current version of dolphin has both tags and cats for videos. For cheetah, that is currently no different.

Example browse by tag.

Example browse by category.

Based on posts i have seen in the boonex forums, you have already looked at the latest version of dolphin, and are not pleased with it. So i am guessing you are requiring something more specific than that.

Perhaps a more detailed description of what you require would help. Pictures are helpful if there is a way to visually layout your requirements. The forums would be a better place for detailed discussions.

I do at some point want to create new modules to replace the junk provided by boonex, so peoples needs and ideas are always welcome.
Posted by admin on 12.28.2020 (12.28.2020)
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