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How does a user delete one of their posts to a Forum?

How does a user delete one of their posts to a Forum?

I personally found that the time limit was too short; many members agreed. You can change the time limit but it requires editing some of the forum files. The forum is still the same from Dolphin and it is very lacking. There was a replacement forum PKForum and I have a copy. I talked to one of the developers about using it on a Cheetah project and asked if I could purchased a copy for that project. It needs updating for PHP 7 and some other work and it will have to be put off for now as I have other work that is higher up on the list.

There doesn't appear to be any integrations of other third party forums with Dolphin; that work is not just changing a few lines of code so hiring someone may become costly.
Posted by Geek_Girl on 12.01.2020 (12.01.2020)
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A user can only delete or edit a forum post for a certain time, possibly 15 minutes or less. The ability to delete or edit ceases as soon as someone replies to the post. This is a safety measure and it's on all forums I use except for Facebook. On Facebook, a person can make a post saying "Sally is a cute girl" and hundreds of people can reply saying "I agree". A week later, the original poster can edit the post to say: Sally is an ugly bitch" but the replies remain the same "I agree".

The same goes with deleting a post, once again on Facebook I answered a post with a lengthy reply offering resources for people who do laser cutting. I later discovered that the author had deleted the post and when I asked why, he said he didn't wish to share my information with other members. That's why Cheetah doesn't allow a member to delete a post if someone has answered it within the time frame.

As far as I can tell, Admins can delete any post regardless of age and even if it contains hundreds of replies. It would be up to the Admin to read the post and all the replies first to see what impact removing the thread will have on the membership. This feature is obviously there to give admins the power to moderate.
Source(s) I tested my comments on another site.
Posted by Johnk on 11.30.2020 (11.30.2020)
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  •  Johnk: 
    Facebook is the worst script ever written for the Internet. The sole purpose of Facebook is to dominate the web and sell your information and they're doing a good job of both. I fully agree that most forum posts are useless after a given period and 90% of the garbage stored on the Facebook servers is equally useless.

    Your suggestion that forum posts only linger for a certain time has a lot of merit, but I still think the time already allocated to fix typos is probably enough. Maybe it could be doubled, but please let's not fall into the Facebook way of thinking.

    Cheethah already clears personal messages after a specific time if I recall. I think it's 30 days, but there may be an option somewhere for admins to change it.

    The current forum is basically an add-on to the original Dolphin and it's not brilliant. Deano plans to revamp it and it should be possible for the options you suggest to be added when it happens.

    If you add you wish list to the Suggestions page, Deano can access it when he's ready to start work.
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  •  Steve: 
    Thanks for the comments. I have given this a lot of thought as I looked over how other platforms deal with this issue. I believe that people both make mistakes when they post, and they change and grow. So having a permanent unchangeable record is great for a news source, but not so good for a friends community. When people can reword, rethink, revise, fix typos, or delete bad ideas, they are more willing to engage. Some sites may want to be a clear record, but others may want to be more like a friendly conversation where people have the "right to forget". Texting has the immediacy of spoken conversation, with the permanence of the written word. Thus, often texting has knee-jerk reactions that never ever just go away like they would in a spoken conversation.

    To deal with the issue that Johnk brought up, with comments perhaps not matching an edited original post, I suggest having Cheetah send a note of a change to anyone that commented. Then they would have the opportunity to adjust their comment or delete it.

    Also, perhaps a site specifically doesn't want to be a permanent record. Could we have a setting to delete everything posted after a certain amount of time? Perhaps someone could mark if they want it to stay, or how long it will stay?

    Most social network conversations are pointless after a week or so. Telling a friend Happy Birthday doesn't need to be stored for permanent record. Their are many reasons for a site to choose to let the back and forth just vanish. Let's face it, I didn't need Facebook reminding me that I used their platform to let my family and friends know that my father died. I didn't use that platform when my mother died, because I didn't want that popping up in some "memory". I got the information out, I know when and what, now let me forget it.
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