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Admin notice on the front page.

How do I set up an Admin notice on the Home page like is on this site?


Third party module. Modzzz had one in the Boonex market and he just had a Black Friday sale; he may still give that to you if you ask. Modzzz's modules are upgraded to Dolphin 7.4.2 so you should be able to use the module converter to install it on Cheetah.
Posted by Geek_Girl on 12.01.2020 (12.01.2020)
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I use a Text Block and it works fine. You could strike problems if you want to add photos unless you upload them to the server first. Check the News module, because it may allow for photos to be uploaded from your computer. Hopefully the photo issue will be sorted in a later version of Cheetah.
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Posted by Johnk on 11.30.2020 (11.30.2020)
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The one you see on this site is a custom module i wrote for this site.

You can use the News module, or you could also use a text block to get similar results.

Posted by admin on 11.29.2020 (11.29.2020)
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