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I'll look at the improvements... but now I'm mainly concerned with stability and appearance.

I have an idea and it's actually partly a promotion of Cheetah, I don't want to reveal too much now🙂

As I said previously, the version on the Github site is 1.2.0 with heaps of improvements. Rightly or wrongly I call it 1,3.0 and I've been using it for some considerable time. It has many features I need and it seems to be quite stable. I look at the repo regularly and update new files as they become available. I always back up first.

As far as the "Powered by Cheetah" ad is concerned, I leave it there to help promote the script. If a member doesn't like it, they can click the icon and ad goes away for the rest of the session. None of my members have ever complained, so I won't be removing it.

It would be good 👍 I downloaded Cheetah from the link so it is not current.

Thats good. Guess i will need to double check the current download release. I thought i had already updated those 2 files in the current download zip to deal with that problem. But i guess not.

thx.. it's running now :) I will send a small gift tonight

Ah right. Another file needs to be updated. inc/


A error occurred while loading the page. The system administrator has been notified.

Type: Error

Message: Call to undefined function MoTWcZxDElCHiKkB()

File: /home/domains/

Line: 5

Debug backtrace:

#0 /home/domains/ require_once()<br />
#1 /home/domains/ require_once('/home/domains/')<br />
#2 /home/domains/ require_once('/home/domains/')<br />

Called script: cron.php

Request parameters:


-- Auto-report system

That issue has occured once before. This topic.

You will most likely need to download a copy of inc/ from the github repo and replace your current copy with the new one which should fix that.

Link to github file then from there click on the download raw file icon to get the new copy.

after entering the license, my website is totally broken


Array ( [membership] => Array ( [ID] => 2 [Name] => Standard ) [status] => Valid [id] => 100 [license_key] => 38E4883CEA23C5E1 [key_type] => Auto Renew [memberid] => 64 [issue_date] => 7-10-2023 [expire_date] => 8-10-2023 [active] => 1 [lastCheck] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [site_url] => [server_ip] => [note] => [subscription_canceled] => 0 [suspended] => 0 [suspended_date] => [suspended_reason] => [revoked] => 0 [revoked_date] => [revoked_reason] => [payment_type] => Admin Gift [paypal_subscription_id] => [pending] => 0 [visible] => 1 )

ok that's great...thx

Until i get the system removed in the next version i can provide a license key that will remove it in the current version. I'll set one up for you tonight.

Look in the licenses section on this site. It should appear sometime tomorrow.

ah ok,...i didn't want Powered by Cheetah .. so how to do it?

Thx for link

Licensing for cheetah is currently in the process of being dropped. I have not finished that process yet and part of that process will be the redesign of this website as well to remove all of those links and setup other membership alternatives.

If you wish to donate something, that can be done with this paypal link.

Cheetah is currently free. A few of us have make a donation but I can't remember how. Deano will tell you I'm sure. 

I wanted to pay for the year license. I use paypal elsewhere without a problem, but this is what Paypal says: 

Unfortunately, the subscription cannot be set up with the selected payment method. Try choosing a different payment method.

What am I doing wrong?