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home button not appearing on top menue

Thanks, that put me on the right track. It was in the "page access control". When I made custom user levels it didn't turn that on by default.

By the way, when you are working with profile views in the profile builder; you need to make sure you have selected the correct view; admins can have a different view from members.  I often forget to switch and then wonder why I can't see the changes.  When you view a page as admin, you have access to things that members don't.  I use two browsers and will log in as admin on one and a regular user on the other while I work on making changes.

By the way, you should install the Page Access Control module; it will allow you to do a lot with menus and pages on who gets to see what, including page blocks based on membership levels.  Very powerful tool.

Click on the title in the button in the navigation builder and make sure you didn't inadvertently turn it off for members.  You can hide menu items from guests and members.

On the menu across the top of the screen, when I log in as my admin account I get the "home" button, but when I log in as a different user that home button is not there. Why is it gone for the user accounts?

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