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Under PHP 8 - Observations

Come to think about it, I didn't have the Cheetah News Block or any of the default blocks on the Home Page.

At this point the site is completely broken, I can do nothing but go into the admin backend.  At this point I will need to reinstall the site.  I will create two sites, one for testing 1.2 beta under 7 and one for under 8.

Fresh install, no modules installed.  Clicking around menu I get a warning: pageview cache cannot be evaluated.

Only cache for profile information and for DB are turned on; all other caches off.

Cleared the /cache files and lost the top menu.  A hard reload of the pages does not return the top menu.  Lost the footer menu as well except for the single item of switching the template.

I am using the default template Evolution Light.  Will see what happens if I switch back to the Evo template.

Update: Switching template to Evo is the same; no menu; limited footer menu.

Note: browser is Opera.

Update 2: Clearing cache in the admin had no effect; menus are still missing.

Update 3: My /cache directory is empty; it did not recreate the files after I deleted them; any of them, including the userxxx.php file as well.

Note 2: PHP version was 8.0.9 obtained from the remi repo.

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