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Timeline posting

OK, now I remember.  I actually saw this appear on a timeline I was working on for groups; that is why I thought it was my coding error.  For some reason, in the group timeline it wouldn't show the post after the "Today" divider.  When I went into the inspector; I saw where the post was there, but it was being hidden.  So I went looking in the js code for the script that added the hidden parameter.

In my case I changed the code to the following; note that gwall is group wall.  We were discussing this one day if you recall.  Since it was hiding it I just change it to show().  Hopefully you can look at it and figure out if this is some Boonex coding error.

 $('.gwall-view .gwall-events div.gwall-divider-today').after($(sResult).show()).next('.gwall-event:hidden').agwallanim('show', $this._sAnimationEffect, $this._iAnimationSpeed, function() {


I think this is the part of the code in post.js.  I would love a proper fix myself for the Dolphin site as well as my Cheetah site

$('.wall-view .wall-events div.wall-divider-today').after($(sResult).hide()).next('.wall-event:hidden').bxwallanim('show', $this._sAnimationEffect, $this._iAnimationSpeed, function() {

I found this bug working on a Dolphin site.  Drove me crazy because I had made some code changes and thought that it was because of me.  Now I see that it wasn't anything I did.  What I found was that it was related to the js code to hide the Empty message after the first post.  It is suppose to change the 'hidden' to 'visible' but for some reason it doesn't.  So I changed the 'hidden' to 'visible' so it wouldn't hide in the first place.  It is in the post.js file.  I will pull out the section.  I haven't really tested to see how it works as I am still building the site but the bug is not good as all new profiles with the timeline empty people will continue to post thinking it didn't go through.

I was able to reproduce it on first post when the timeline was empty. After page refresh, all items loaded and then any timeline posts after that seemed to work fine.

Appears it may be a issue that only occurs on first post to a empty timeline. I will look into it.

I attempted to post a photo and video, nothing showed up in profile time line and homepage, please see attachment.

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