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Sharing buttons from pop up

I don't care what ones you supply as long as there's provision to easily remove the lot. Firstly, the "Trending" app scene changes daily and secondly, I can't see any value in sharing what someone posts on a private, or small niche site.

And Google+ is no more. - The Online Guide to Travel

How about 2 or 3 of the ones below? YouTube, Linkedin and MySpace are 3 good ones no ?






I can do some of that.

However, Instagram does not provide a share link.

Snapchat does not provide one either. Sharing to snapchat is a app only feature available on mobile device apps that support it. No normal web sharing link is available.

Hi, this is just a suggestion, can we change by removing the reddit, newsvine,delicious and digg buttons with pinterest,instagram, snapchat and whatsapp,

keep twitter and FB. Also can we enlarge those buttons a bit bigger? Thanks! laughing

Please see pic.

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