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Replacement Cover Photo Not Showing

It's been 4 months. Had a Steroid injection before the new year, but it's only just starting to kick in. I can now hobble and concentrate a little more.  There was no improvement before the injection, but now I can feel things getting better by the day. I still can't drive. I usually handle pain very well, but this one really nailed me. 

Hope you had a great Christmas. We're just sitting here waiting for Omicron to work its way North. Fortunately I have my booster in the morning.

Take care.

I'm just recovering from a torn Cartilage.

No. Does not sound pleasant at all. I cannot concentrate at all when i am in pain, so i get it. Hope that feels better soon.

Oops. Sorry Deano. I'm just recovering from a torn Cartilage. It's a bit like 24 teeth all aching at once. Very unpleasant and no good for the old concentration. 

Did you remember this issue you reported earlier?

That will still need to be manually fixed until i release the next version.

It's a brand new test site. I just added a cover photo to replace the random photos, but the Profile Cover is empty. Possible bug but not prepared to declare it just yet.

I tried adding several cover photos and tried swapping. No luck there either.

I've only installed the Photos and videos modules, plus Modzzz Splash which works.