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Can't Replace Cover

Thanks Deano. Greatly appreciated.


For those that need to delete the original photo after upload so need the fix for this now rather than waiting for the next version of cheetah. A copy of templates\base\scripts\ChBaseProfileGenerator.php is attached.



Can we consider this a bug?

Yes, i'll run some more tests and fix.


I found the problem!

The "Change Cover" to a member's cover only works if the "Delete Original" box is unticked in the Photos Module.

When I inspected the blank area with Chrome, I noticed that the photo path was to the "original".

I do not wish to save original images on my server, thus the "Change Cover" feature is not working for me.

Can we consider this a bug?

I'll PM you with a step through. For those members following this, here's my answers to your questions/comments:

I haven't applied any mods to the Cover image. You added the random cover and I'm using that. I did replace the random cover photos, but that was after the problem occurred.

I haven't changed core code relating to the cover photo. As far as I'm aware, I haven't made any changes to the core. I've made hundreds of CSS changes, but the only change I've made to the cover section is the colour of the buttons.

The problem is sitewide. I tried updating the admin's photo and the same thing happened. As soon as I add a photo to the member's Profile Cover folder the random image disappears, leaving a blank area. When I delete the uploaded photo, the random image reappears.

I cropped the photo because I wondered if an uncropped photo was causing the problem. I also enlarged the photo thinking that a small image may also cause the problem.


I also could not replicate the problem.

Have you applied any custom mods that deal with the profile cover image?

I may have to look at your site to locate the issue.


Not sure what you mean by cropping as I don't see an option to crop the photo when uploading

The ability to crop is available in the actions menu when you click on a photo. Thus you could upload any photo, then crop it later to fit the cover area. Cropping to the cover photos aspect ratio is part of the new photo cropper in version 1.2.0

I am unable to replicate this error.  I did not resize any photos, just uploaded.  Not sure what you mean by cropping as I don't see an option to crop the photo when uploading.  Was this a post upload action?

Update: I did a post edit on the cover and it still displayed.

I just tried replacing a cover by clicking the button on the member's cover photo.

I'm using "Log on as me"

The photo is in the Cover album and it was cropped using the site crop Aspect Ratio for covers. 

When I return to the profile, I can see a border where the cover should be, but no cover.

Tried again after cleaning all caches and a site restart.


I  changed the profile pic using the same method and it works fine.

Although I haven't tested much, the remainder of the site has worked well when building a complex profile, adding 50 members and uploading hundreds of photos.

I'm half way through adapting the Evolution Light template to match my old site.

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