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Payment and Membership Issues

I will tackle the payment module next.

Update:  It did not remove the item from the shopping cart; when I to the home page, the shopping cart shows I still have the membership item in my cart.

@Deano; note the image for the action not allowed; in the text I stated it wrong but that is why I included an image so there is a visual confirmation of the actual result.

I returned to looking at the payment issue on our Cheetah 1.1.0 site.  I created a test membership and set it to $1.00 fee and put in 0 for unlimited.  I noticed that when a member checks out the membership, it isn't saying unlimited, it stated the days (0 days).  A membership with 0 days is suppose to be unlimited.  This would confuse members when they checked out that their membership level is for zero days.


Now, the second issue is the membership payment.  I set up PayPal for the website payments, auto return and entered the return URL as https://my-nifty-site.tld/m/payment/act_finalize_checkout/paypal/0.  I tested using a test member account; I selected the test membership and added it to the cart.  I then initiated the PayPal checkout.  It took me to the checkout form where I completed payment, it then redirected me back to the website but instead of adding the membership level it reported action not found and the URL in the browser was /m/payments/join.  The membership level item in the cart was removed; my cart was empty on return.


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