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Outline Block Not Working Properly

I raised this issue over at the Dolphin forum some time ago but it was never fully resolved if I recall. Through personal testing and posts from others I concluded that when a member uploaded multiple photos in one sitting, only the first three or four photos appeared on the outline as a group and the remainder never made it. When I saw someone posting ten photos I concluded that it was a good idea and should be left that way. 

I did some testing and I think there was some kind  of built-in time limit. It was a long time ago, but four hours rings a bell.

Flooding is an issue and the messages module has a one minute lockout when sending messages to the same person. 

Thats ok. I'll leave the post for reference.

You are correct, the grouping is needed to prevent flooding of the outline. But it can cause some confusion at times, so i will leave this post as it may help other site admins.

Sorry for this Deano; even though I have worked with Dolphin all these years I still forget things.  I set the number to show three and the listing is working as it should.  The Load More button is working as it should.  I should have tested better before posting and noticed that all the photos were being loaded to the same album.  I don't think we would want each photo upload to be posted separately as that would flood the outline.

Actually, you can delete this whole topic if you wish.

There are 13 rows in the table.  Yes, the person testing was uploading all the photos to the same album.  I didn't think about that.

How many items are in the table ch_wall_events?

I have a feeling some of your uploads such as photos are being grouped together as one event.

Sounds, photos, files, and videos are grouped by album. So for example, if you upload 10 photos to 1 album on the same day, it will be treated in the outline as one grouped event. At least i think the grouping is by day. Seems also to be no way to adjust that from admin which i will need to make a note to fix that.

Still doing testing, so it's a guess at the moment, the grouping is something i noticed as i was testing, so want to make sure your taking that into consideration.


I'll look into it. What modules do you have installed to populate the data displayed in the outline?

Models; third party (although there were indications that the outline was not working before adding that module)





I'll look into it. What modules do you have installed to populate the data displayed in the outline?

Fresh install of Cheetah 1.0.0 with fresh database.  The Outline block is only showing 9 items regardless of the setting in the admin and the Load More button is greyed out.  I removed all blocks from the Home page except for Outline.  I disabled the splash block as well including actually deleting the code I placed there. 

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