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Migrating a Dolphin Site

It looks like, you need to get your Dolphin site up to speed on 7.4.2 and then 'maybe' moving over 'might not be a problem'.

Unless Deano wants to 'grandfather in' Dolphin users, you will also have to pay a 'monthly' licensing fee.

Deano is active now, and hopefully he will keep up with the project.

For now, I would say: Make sure any 3rd party modules you have work on a Dolphin 7.4.2 install.

Then sit tight for a while

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Dolphin 7.3.5

If you have third party modules that you will be using on a Cheetah site, they will need to be compatible with Dolphin 7.4.2.  Check the market to see if they have been upgraded.  You can't go by the reporting on the market; just the other day a module was listed as 7.4.2 compatible when it was not; the developer had just went and change the compatible marker without actually changing the module.  He did come in and upgrade the module but I question why it was marked as compatible with 7.4.2.   I recommend taking the time to clone your live site; files and database, and go ahead and upgrade the clone to 7.4.2 so you can see if there are any issues with any modules working with 7.4.2.  Just because the module has been updated to install does not mean it won't have issues; for one, any direct php mysql function in the module will keep it from working.

Migration could take a bit of time, but should not be too difficult. Pretty much all modules that will run on Dolphin 7.4.2 can be converted to run on Cheetah.

Hi Deano -

Jerome at Modzzz suggested I take a look. I currently run a Dolphin site called \r\n\r\nIt\'s on Dolphin 7.3.5 and uses an EVO-based theme created about five years ago by BSEtec.

I\'m concerned about issues like the amount of time required to migrate, loss of my theme, modules and data that I have invested in, ease of use on mobile and protection of existing members and content. The typical stuff.

I will follow along, and correspond with Modzzz. He is offering to help me migrate when the time comes.

Thanks for doing this. It would be a shame to see all the work we admins have done, implode with the demise of Dolphin.

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