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Membership Not Applied; Payment Processed Sandbox

PayPal should already be done with that cloud migration. It was supposed to be done mid June.

Anyhow, i am going to be releasing the next beta soon, so i will see if i can at least get cheetah to apply membership purchases immediately for those on a promotional membership into the next beta.

Once this is figured out, i think having a very detailed and clear tutorial should be written and added to our own sites, so that members know how to set their payment settings up.

If a member is not in the membership table they are at Standard; however, once they go into the table, then they are handled differently.  Evidently Promotion level places them into the table and therefore, buying a new membership means they have to wait until it expires.  If nothing else, we need to check they are at Promotion and apply the membership level immediately.

Memberships are not applied until the current membership expires.  I knew that and I would have deleted this post but the time expired on me to delete it.

Actually, we need a way for people to choose to apply the new membership when upgrading immediately.  This has been covered before at Boonex.  So the member was at Promotion.  Their membership expires in 6 days.  So they want to upgrade but they have to wait six days before their new upgraded membership applies.  Or, an admin has to go in and manually apply it.  Well, I don't want to have to do that if I have 50 members upgrading from a Promotional membership.

PS: I have been working with Dolphin, and now Cheetah, for a long time.  Yet, I still forget such things.  If you do as well, don't feel bad about it LOL.

By the way, PayPal is going to move their sandbox testing to the cloud.  Not sure what that is going to mean as far as the sandbox accounts are concerned.

Using my sandbox account, with the settings on Direct, the payment was processed by PayPal and the message when I returned to the Cheetah test site was Payment was Accepted (or words to that effect).   However, the membership level was not applied.  Checking payments in the backend, it lists the payment and the member that made the payment.  The shopping cart for the member shows empty.

Update:  I got an email stating that the member's membership level was changed.  Yet, in the account of the member it is still showing they have Promotional membership.

Update 2: The member also got an email stating their membership had changed.  However, checking members in the backend shows that the member is still at Promotion level.

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