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MODULES php also Video upload issues


Its all be sorted now thanks to Geek Girl 

Glad that you got everything resolved.


Its all be sorted now thanks to Geek Girl 

You are welcomed Steve

Its all be sorted now thanks to Geek Girl 

Maybe I can find some free time to take a look see if the OP is good with it.

I have not had time to look yet, and to top it off, the building my apartment is in is being sold, so i have been having to deal with buyers touring the building as well. Really sucks.

Did you figure out the issue here?

Thanks JOhn  very kind - Deano has agreed to give it all a good look at for me

My bedtime again Steve. Is it possible to attach a copy of with the database username and password removed for safety. You can also remove the domain name and replace it with "" and "mysite".

Geek_Girl is usually working when I'm not, so she'll probably be in a better position to check everything. I'm just a bit concerned with that cPanel path. I don't use cPanel myself, but it seems a bit all over the place.





hi yes its in sub dir sub.I double checked that is set  ok 

In your case the dir root would be set to the subdirectory.

$dir['root']               = "/home/bgscom/public_html/cheetah/";



This would indicate that you are running cheetah in a sub directory off of the root.  Is that correct?  Just want to make sure how you have installed Cheetah.

Make sure the root setting in /inc/ is set correctly

$dir['root']               = "/xxx/xxx/public_html/";

it will depend on how you are hosting your site.  It appears from an earlier post that you are using cPanel which usually has the structure of /home/domain/public_html

Be sure the ending slash is there.

Have you checked admim/tools/host tools to see if everything is okay there?

There shouldn't be any red warnings. The sections Site Setup and Site Optimization are pretty important. Maybe you could supply a screenshot of Site Setup?

Don't worry if you have fails at the bottom. These are to do with the Cache and you may have the Cache turned off like me.



require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_INC . "");

require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT . "flash/modules/global/inc/");

require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT . "flash/modules/global/inc/");

require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_CLASSES . "ChWsbService.php");

require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_CLASSES . 'ChWsbAlerts.php');

require_once(CH_DIRECTORY_PATH_CLASSES . 'ChWsbExceptionHandler.php');

That the code in teh header inc around line 161 .. ??


HI john thaks but the uplaod and post size are set at 500  they ae ok  my host told me he was getting this error coming up in apache log

PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/bgscom/public_html/cheetah/flash/modules/global/inc/' (include_path='.:/opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/share/pear') in /home/bgscom/public_html/cheetah/inc/ on line 161

Host say s there is a bug in my  loc al cheetah script 


It's well past my bed time Steve, but maybe I can help with the upload limit. I can't help with the module problem though.

You say you've set an upload limit of 500 meg. May I ask where? This needs to be done in PHP.INI and in the Video Module settings. Maybe one is still set too low. (ADMIN/MODULES/VIDEOS/SETTINGS).

Keep in mind that it may not take too long for your members to choke your server. Even cheap hosting plans with no limits do have limits. Hosting videos can be very risky, thus I only allow my members to embed them.

I have some bug in my system I try to instal modules but they will not install and sometimes i get cant find modules.php page ? I am also having a problem with uploading of video files  keeps failing  the uplaod limit is 500m so its nothing to do with that  just wont uplaod any vid file  player will laod youitube vids  that all ok but just wont allow uploads -  Any ideas guys?

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