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Thanks Deano. I only raised i for what it was worth, but I does make me wonder if something closer to home is a problem.

I was not able to reproduce it as you described it. Every time i switched back to the admin account using the return to admin link, it always went away.

It was only one altered file which is inc/  but it also requires a database change. If your not going to be using it that often, i would just leave it for the next update.

I will be doing updates a little different once i get my updates module complete. At that time, i will be releasing patch updates to fix bugs more frequently than the normal twice a year updates.


The issue appears to happen when logging out of the account the admin switched to before switching back to admin.

If I understand this correctly, your understanding is that Admin has visited an account and logged out of that account before attempting to return to the Admin using the link.

That's definitely not the case when I used the link:

1. Go to "People" and click on a member. Taken to their profile and link appears top left in red.

2. View member's account as if I'm that member.

3. Click link to return to admin.

4. Admin account successfully accessed, but link continues to appear.

5. Admin logs out of Admin account , but link continues to appear on splash page.

6. Logged in as admin or member and link continued to appear. Cookie still active as in previous photo.

I consider this a low priority bug because:

a. it's not something you use every day.

b. Only admins see the link, not members.

c. Admin can easily see what account they're in.

As I don't fully understand GitHub, I wasn't able to find the files you may have altered.

I have moved this to the bug reports forum. I have determined it is a bug, so i moved it here.

The issue appears to happen when logging out of the account the admin switched to before switching back to admin. It has been fixed.


I use a different method as shown , but most roads lead to Rome.

You're correct, when I delete all the cookies (item 3) I'm sent to the login screen after a forced reload.

If I select the Partaken cookie (4) and force a reload the problem goes away.



cookies.jpg37K17 views

I think you said you were using chrome. So try to delete the cookies for that specific site.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More Moreand thenSettings.
  3. Under 'Privacy and security', click Cookies and other site data.
  4. Click See all cookies and site data.
  5. At the top right, search for the website's name.
  6. To the right of the site, click Remove Remove.

This feature uses a cookie which is suppose to go away when the browser is closed as it is just a session cookie. But if it is not being removed for some reason, that may occur. I am going to run some more tests to see if i can reproduce the problem. So far i have not been able to reproduce it.


All but the "Enable Cache For Profiles Information" were off. I also switched this off and cleared both the site and Chrome caches. I also closed the site and logged on as a member and it's still there. 

I tried it immediately after installing Modzzz "Add new member" which worked and using the feature to access that member. That's when it first happened, but I thought it went away when I logged off. Not any more.

I'm about to reboot to see what happens.

I will look into it. It sounds like it may be a caching issue. If you could test that theory, if you have caching options for cheetah turned on, could you try shutting them off and then see if you can get the issue to occur again with the caching off.

As for modzzz module, i don't think it would be a problem.

1. Hardly a Bug, but when you click Switch Back to Admin, the message seems to remain sticky but not functionable even after you log off and log back on again. I've had different scenarios occur so it could be a bug.

2. I have Modzzz's  Login as Member module which contains a few extra features including members being able to act as moderators or peers for other members. Is it safe to install the module? I can't see why it wouldn't be but I haven't tried yet. I'll have to set the actions so I only have one button on the profile page.

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