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Getting the Store to accept payments

Yes, with your input I have that all set now. Thanks.

Are you now able to accept payments in the store?

Wow.... Fixed. This is weird. Some how the permissions on the server were changed, but no one was messing with the files on the server.

cheetah/modules/index.php file permissions set to 000 instead of 644
Changing this fixed the issue.
also cheetah/member_menu_queries.php permissions set to 000 instead of 644
We changed that back to 644 also.

Update... Reloading a database backup from a few weeks ago doesn't fix the problem. The problem isn't in the database.

The admin account is locked out of the modules. The pictures are not visible, but the picture for an advertisement is visible. The store and other stuff is locked out.

Even making a new member we get:


You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


This is beyond a database issue, and I don't know how I could have messed it up from the admin panel. @Deano ... If I am starting fresh, how close are you to the update? I might as well load the newest version.

Turns out it IS possible to block the admin account. Not sure what I did yet, but that should not be possible.  @Deano... please change that. Also since there is only one admin account, it makes that possibility quite a problem. So, let's have a simple admin panel way of having more admin accounts. If only for an access backup.

As Geek_Girl says, it's almost impossible for us to guess what may have gone wrong unless someone takes a peek. Even then it could be difficult. Although it's exhausting to continuously make backups, it's something we must all do before making serious changes.  I've needed to revert to backups on more than one occasion because it is difficult to remember what changes you made, making it almost impossible to backtrack.

If you think the problem is in Menu Builder, go through each menu item you think you may have changed and check the permissions. It's possible you've set one to even exclude yourself, but didn't think that would be possible.

I don't know what you did; I might could come in and repair things but I don't know.

OK, undo everything you did so that you get back to where you were (I think that is a song).

For admin you would set up the payment under /m/payment/admin/ in the backend.  That is for things that the site would be selling, such as membership levels.


For members to sell in the store, it is under their account, payments and then click on settings.

OK... while finding that and tweaking the menu builder, I messed something up. Now no one can see any images and the store is blocked. What did I do? [sigh]

So.... the photos are "forbidden", even from me. And Now the modules in the admin panel are "Forbidden" for me.

I am now getting this:


You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Guess it isn't actually where you said, so I should adjust something. I turned on the "quick link" and that put it in the quick links. So I can get to it now, but something should be adjusted so it shoes in the right place.

 @Geek_Girl ... Hey.... I think I figured it out. In the "Menu Builder" under Dashboard I put the "payments" block.

Poof... it appeared! Should it go anywhere else?

It was posted by my admin account, but that is a good option to get fixed too. I can't get it to work under the admin account or a regular member account.

"account, then payments, then settings"

That doesn't seem to exist. There is no "payments" option under the members, account. 

Your payment information is not complete.  Is this a regular member trying to sell an item in the store?  If so, then that member must enter their payment information.  For the member, they would go to account, then payments, then settings.

How do I get the store module to accept payments? Everything seems to work, but when the shopping cart is clicked it just says it can't accept payments.

The pop up says: "The vendor does not accept payments".

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