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Errors right after install



Thanks to you both.

Deano? You got it man! it was the .htaccess file.  Though it was present, it was corrupted by being empty. I simply drug it from the .zip file back into the site directory, and it worked a treat.

Weird issue, but good eye! Thank you again.

My guess is when you uploaded cheetah, you missed the root .htaccess file. Under most operating systems it is a hidden file. So if you uploaded via ftp from a windows machine, you need to make sure you set windows to show hidden files so it does not get missed. So check for the presence of the .htaccess file in root of the site.

Another possibility if it is there, is that your hosting server is not configured to use it.


Another thought, being on a hosted server, it's possible you need settings the server doesn't support for the modules mentioned. Go to Admin/Tools/Host Tools and look for conflicts. 

I've installed Cheetah dozens of times and everything has always gone fine, but not on HostGator I'll admit. 

My immediate reaction is this: Did you install all modules separately and test them, or did you install in bulk. If the latter, there could be conflicts.

Regardless, may I suggest you uninstall one dud module, Clear the cache (Tools/Cache, Clear All) and close Cheetah. Then open Cheetah and try installing that module again. On the left side, under Modules, you will see the module listed. Click it and find your way to the module's settings. Some don't have settings, but most do. Scan through the settings to make sure they're what you want, save and proceed to the site to test the module. If it works okay, do the same for all the duds, but one at a time please.

On a new install, I only install Photos. Once the site is running, I then install the Forum, I test and move on. Always one module at a time.

There's no rule about this, but it's possible a problem can occur when doing a bulk install.

Finally, only install the modules you need when you need them.

Assistance requested on FRESH (NEW) Cheetah install. Im getting "Sorry, this page doesn't exist. Please check the URL or go back a page. 404 Error. Page Not Found." on FOUR items only: BLOGS, EVENTS,FORUMS & GROUPS

These items error on Main menu AND Admin menu.

Other items, People, Search, Photos, Polls, Help & About are seemingly working fine.

Im hosted on HostGater.
SSL is turned ON.
Using PHP 7.3/7.4
I cleared ALL cache
Permalinks all toggled on.


These are ONLY installed plugins:


Add & Manage

Manage and configure integration modules for 3d party scripts

Site administrators can check the content written in the users' blog to avoid unwanted or prohibited expressions

Events module by Cheetah

Forum Administration Panel

Groups module by Cheetah

Photo module by Cheetah

Members can create their own polls, and you can moderate them right here

Any thoughts please?





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