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Desktop Module

Umm no, i'm good.

I don't know the current price. Not even sure if current versions will compile that old code.

It does not really matter. I am phasing flash out of Cheetah anyway. All flash apps are getting dumped as i replace them with html5 equivalents.

Why? Do you use the desktop app?

How much is it?

I did find the source, and i can recompile the air app. I can't however build the flash part of the app. I don't have that software and am not buying it.

Considering the fact that the Desktop module uses air and flash and i am phasing out the flash apps, the desktop module needed to go anyway.

The Desktop module in the cheetah beta 1 does not install. This was due to the fact it could not download the desktop.air file. Then i realized that was written for Dolphin and will most likely not work in Cheetah. I do not have the source code or the development software to rewrite it.

So the Desktop module is being removed in the next beta.

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