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Custom rss feed

OK, I tried several different feeds from different sites and it didn't work.  I decided to test by using your news rss feed.  I placed the block on the home page and it loaded.  Next I created a block on the profile page and put your news rss link in and it loaded.  Therefore, conclusion is that it could be the nature of the feeds that we are trying.  Normally I see rss and xml listed; haven't tried xml.  It could be that it isn't loading because it can't understand the rss feed url.

Update: I found a news feed that worked.  So it isn't anything with Cheetah or the server; you just need a proper rss feed.

To look into it, i will need the rss urls being used. I tested a couple, and had no problems.

Hello; I checked out Will's site and the issue is that the RSS feed is not loading, you get the dots things that goes across repetitively.  This was an issue in Dolphin; there are some threads on Boonex about it.  I thought it was related to valid SSL certs; Will's site has a valid SSL cert applied.

If you can't click the down arrow on the upper right of that block to edit the links, then you will have to do it in the database directly. You will find the links in the table ch_crss_main

So i was playing with this feature and now i can't channge the link. In other words it's stuck frozen who knows what, please look at photo.

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