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Changing the Cover photo

Thanks, I am looking forward to being able to upgrade my site next month and getting all the new fixes and work arounds.

Thanks, I get that there are priorities. What the user interacts with is images and text. It is frustrating when one has to walk a maze to get simple things done. Smoothing this out needs attention. 


I hit "change cover photo" then it gives me an upload option and displays ONE album

The current 1.1.0 beta should work like it does on this site. You click "change cover" It should take you directly to the cover photo album organize section which now has a message that states the photos need to be dragged.

Yea, you still can't switch between albums and such, but little improvements such as that one is the best i can do at the moment until i can create a replacement module.

Ok... so I think I have this figured out, and it's not even half backed. so I need to wind my way to putting the image I want into the right album, then move it to the first slot in that album, then go back to the cover and maybe - sometimes - it changes the cover image. Just have a select for cover button. Gaaaaaa!!!!!

I happen to agree with you. The photos, videos and files modules are all a complete mess. It is a issue that i added to the issues list on my GitHub repo back in April.

I have determined that this dolphin/boonex mess simply can't be fixed without developing new modules. So that is what i will eventually do.

Unfortunately there are other priorities i must deal with first. Given that flash support is going to be phased out of browsers starting at the end of the year, all areas that use flash have to be dealt with first before i start building new modules for other areas.

I hit "change cover photo" then it gives me an upload option and displays ONE album. There is no way to move between albums at this point. So I click on an image. It opens. Then what? There is no "post" button. I can view, delete, edit. BUT NOT post it to the cover.

The cryptic dance steps it takes to do anything on here needs to be cleaned up. So much of this is half backed. There is so much here that is really nice, but then the cryptic dance steps are needed to do something simple and it just brings down the whole user experience.

Oh, and the Edit / crop tool is awful.

I didn't use the old version. If you have to reshuffle the images to change the cover, then that isn't very intuitive and should be changed.

Lets be honest. Dealing with images in this is completely cumbersome. You can't choose from your different folders to get a cover photo. It only lets you select from one folder, and that doesn't really work either. How photos are dealt with need some work. I am a Professional Photographer. I use image software all day long. I have spent many hours trying to get this to change a cover image. Finding the cryptic maze to get to see your own albums, let alone move pictures between them is a crazy waist of time. There needs to be easy clear buttons. No.... They are not there. I'm sure if you know the dance steps, so you can make it happen. But that shouldn't be needed.    

Steve, was this a problem with the older version? I just replaced my cover photo on this site and it worked fine. I only had one photo and I added another. Then I moved the new one to the front of the stack. 

I did this by clicking Change Cover Photo on the top right of the existing cover image.

If there was a change to be made, maybe the Add Image dialog could be above the shuffle section, or text along these lines: Move the image you want to the front or add a new image.

It doesn't seem possible to change the cover photo of a profile if one had a few images loaded. I would add that the way the photos and albums are handled is extremely clumsy and not intuitive. Even with fumbling around a lot trying to change the cover photo there seems to be no way to do it other than unloading all the images and  only choosing the cover photo as the second image loaded.  

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