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Bulk Photo Posts - Outline and Activity Feed

I'm all for the reasons it does what it does and the way it works, but having the option to select one, two or more items in the group would be fantastic.

I can live with things the way they are, but if you (Deano) or anyone else finds a solution, please let me know.

I did try the various options in the Photos Settings with no success. I have the impression that any changes will only affect new posts, but my tests didn't work for new posts either.

I remember the grouping has been discussed before and i found it here.

Nothing has been done for this yet, so it still cannot be set. The option Number of related photos by user setting in the photos module might affect that. I have not fully tested it yet.

Somewhere you can set the number of photos which appear on the Outline and Activity Feed if a member Bulk Posts photos. I have mine set for three photos per upload, but I'm not sure if that's the default, or I changed the figure somewhere.

I consider three to be too many. I'd prefer two, but I may settle for one.

I've tried changing the amount in several places with no success. 

Any ideas?