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timeline and Photos

I actually think the current grouping/limit settings are fine after having joined a few Facebook hobby groups. The members on all the groups generally post one to four photos, but one or two post dozens at a time, often resembling frames from a movie film with very little difference between each photo. Although I can't stand Facebook as a  script, it does have a few good features buried away.  What I do like is the photo grouping and limit (in their case 5 photos?) and the number that appears in the last photo to indicate how many more photos the member has posted. For anyone interested in the post, it gives a clear indication that the member has more photos in his or her gallery. (See attached photo)

Maybe something similar could also be done for the timeline?

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I have located info on this.

Grouping is done by default and is hard coded, but you can shut it off via the database in ch_wall_handlers by changing groupable from 1 to 0 on the event you do not want grouped then clear the cache. It will not ungroup any previous entries. Only new entries will be ungrouped.

The group size is set to 3 items and the time frame for the group is 24 hours starting from midnight on a given day. Both of those are hard coded into the code.

I will be working on that for the next version of Cheetah. There is not enough time to get it into the upcoming version due out next month, so it will be the version that follows.

I will add options for turning grouping on/off, the number of items in the group, and the time frame for the grouping. These options will be added to the settings of each module that does it which is currently photos, videos, sounds and files.

But JohnK is correct, it is done the way it is for a very good reason, and that is to prevent those that upload dozens or even hundreds of photos from pushing everything else off the outline. So even tho i will add options to change it, the defaults will remain as they are.

Also, i am aware that mutipal files can be selected for uploading, and grouping could be done in that manner as well, but unfortunately even tho multiple files are selected, with the way php handles uploading, the files are uploaded one at a time, so there is currently no way to make this distinction between a single and multi file upload. But i will try and find a way around that as well.

I will look into it anyway and see about adding admin options for the time limit, turn grouping on and off and number of photos shown in group which i think is already a option in the photos module.

Some of this was discussed on the Boonex forum a long time ago. The timeline also only displays three photos (I think), regardless of how many you add over a given period. Both the number of photos and the time limit are obviously there to stop hogging by an individual and my guess is a 24 hour limit. Any photos posted in that time seem to be grouped and the limit applies.

Having been on Facebook like sites where people post dozens of photos a day, the timeline ends up with their photos and nobody else's. When I heard why it was done on Dolphin, I decided I liked it.

 my entries were at least 18 hours apart. but to me it shouldn't matter how long apart they are. if I only added one image, then the timeline should show that I only uploaded one image, not reflect all the images I added over time. 

It depends in how long apart they were. I will have to look it up as i don't know the exact time frame for the groupings.



It depends in how long apart they were. I will have to look it up as i don't know the exact time frame for the groupings.


not sure how to classify this. it wouldn't be a bug cause the functions are working properly, but I just don't understand the functions.


so, when you add a new photo to an existing album, it adds that as an edit to the original db entry instead of creating a new entry


here's why its weird to me.

I added a new photo to admin's photos on yesterday 

I added a new photo to that album today.

it displayed in the timeline that I added 2 new photos, and displays the photo from yesterday and the one from today. 

shouldn't they be separate entries as they are done at separate times.?