Would you like to help with the development of Cheetah?
I am seeking a number of people with various skill sets to fulfill roles assigned to them. Below you will find a listing of the various roles available and what they are. If interested in helping with any of them, you may request assignment to the role.
The following are assignable roles you may help with.

Document Writer
Document writers are responsible for creating and maintaining the Cheetah documentation wiki.

Cheetah is based on Dolphin Pro Version 7.4.2. Dolphin seriously lacked any real documentation and Boonex who developed Dolphin did not seem to care. I want to make sure Cheetah has full documentation.

Cheetahs admin back end needs to be documented. Every feature. And every module that ships with cheetah will also need to be fully documented. There is a lot that needs to be documented, so this is not going to be a easy task.

Those willing to take on this task must be good writers that are able to explain things in a way that most will easily understand. Must also have good spelling and grammar skills. I am a terrible writer, and my spelling and grammar are atrocious. So this is a task i am better off letting others do. If interested in this role, fill out the form here.

Video Tutorial Creator
Video Tutorial Creators are responsible for creating and maintaining Cheetah instructional videos. Video Creators have upload access to a area in the Videos section created for these videos.

The instructional videos compliment the written documentation providing a visual aid in areas that may be difficult to properly explain using words alone. So the video creators need to work closely with the document writers and vice versa to create any needed videos.

Most videos are created using screen capture software. Video creators need to have the proper software for this task. A high end computer will be needed for creating the videos as i will want all videos to be at least 720p HD quality. Creators should also have a decent microphone so the sound quality is good as well. If interested in this role, contact me here.

Translators are responsible for translating and maintaining the language files and modules that ship with Cheetah. Boonex ships Russian with Dolphin, i will also do the same, but i want to provide a few other common languages as well.

Languages that will eventually be included by default with Cheetah will be Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bangali, Portuguese, Japanese, and Lahnda. Including English, these are the 10 top languages with the largest number of people who nativity speak it.

Not all have to be included, it depends on how many translators i can find. So if one of those languages is your native language and if your interested in translating from English, contact me here.

The next 2 roles are for those interested in making money with Cheetah

If your a PHP developer, you can make money developing and selling Cheetah Modules in the Cheetah Market. Cheetah needs module developers to provide those using Cheetah with as many module options as possible to help make their site unique and meet the goals they have envisioned for their site.

If your interested in becoming a developer here, you may request Developer Access by clicking here.

If your a PHP developer, you can make money as a freelance developer here. Many of our members who use Cheetah will require custom work done on their web sites. You could be the person those members turn to when they require such assistance.

Freelancers will be able to bid on job requests that are posted in the sites Freelance Job section.

If you are interested in this role, then you may request it by clicking here.

And the final role is those interested in providing financial assistance to the Cheetah project.

Sponsors are probably the most important role on this site. The more funding this project can get the better. At this time i work a regular full time job so i cannot dedicate myself full time to Cheetahs development. But funding can help change that. If i can reach the needed income level, i will be able to leave the regular job and dedicate myself fulltime to Cheetah.

Those that help by obtaining a Sponsor Subscription will also earn credits that can be exchanged for a Cheetah Permanent License. I do not sell permanent licenses outright. This is one of only 3 ways a Permanent License can be obtained.

If your interested in helping financially with this project, you can purchase a Sponsor Subscription by clicking here.