License Types
License types available for Cheetah

This license type is a monthly license. It is $5.00 USD per month paid via PayPal subscription.

This license type is a yearly license. It is $50.00 USD per year paid via PayPal subscription.

This license type is a permanent license. This license type is not available for sale. As this license type is permanent. It never expires, i have valued it at $300.00 USD and there are only 3 ways to obtain one of these licenses. Those are a follows.
  • By obtaining a Contributor Subscription to the site. Contributors receive credits each month that is equivalent to the monthly cost of the subscription. When enough credits are obtained, they can be exchanged for a permanent license.
  • Through contests and other promotions i will occasionally run on the site.
  • Through credits earned by providing assistance with the Document Writer, Video Tutorial Creator, or Translator roles.