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Multiple Privacy Levels

At present there seem to be only 4 privacy levels: Guest, Members, Friends and Me Only . It would be nice, and possibly helpful to many members if additional levels could be created within the program. The following are suggestions:

Friends (Site friends)
Personal Friends (My Real friends)
Me Only.

A way of selecting who sees what would also be helpful. On one Gallery site I used, I was able to click one or more groups to see who saw what. For example:

Family could see posts from Members and Guests, but if the need arises, they can also see posts from Friends and Personal friends as well. It would depend on the purpose of the site.



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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    There is a method currently that allows members to create their own privacy group and then add contacts to that group.  For example, let's say I have five friends and two of those friends are much closer to me than the other three.  I can create a new privacy group, let's call it "Special Friends."  I can then add the two close friends to that group.  Now if I want to share content to my two close friends I choose "Special Friends" from the list. 

    Now it is not possible to share the content to more than one privacy group.

    I discussed with Deano about adding privacy groups (which is different from creating a privacy group from your current available contacts as outlined above.)  There is a post on here outlining the procedure and it is involved.  It would be nice if that procedure could be a part of the code and we could create new privacy groups from the backend.

    See this thread:

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