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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    There is a method currently that allows members to create their own privacy group and then add contacts to that group.  For example, let's say I have five friends and two of those friends are much closer to me than the other three.  I can create a new privacy group, let's call it "Special Friends."  I can then add the two close friends to that group.  Now if I want to share content to my two close friends I choose "Special Friends" from the list. 

    Now it is not possible to share the content to more than one privacy group.

    I discussed with Deano about adding privacy groups (which is different from creating a privacy group from your current available contacts as outlined above.)  There is a post on here outlining the procedure and it is involved.  It would be nice if that procedure could be a part of the code and we could create new privacy groups from the backend.

    See this thread:

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