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permission denied

everyting else was working - just that one minor glitch. thanks for the help.

If you want to try it with mod security on, try adding this to the bottom of the .htaccess file in the administration folder.

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine off

Oh, yea, ok. Yes, mod security can cause it as well.

Is everything else working? Specifically URL rewrites like viewing profiles by nickname and not by id.

Are you running Apache or NGINX? As i suspect a web server misconfiguration.

ok. nevermind. mod security was installed

so - when attempting to change anything in the splash section of the administration area - basic settings, i am getting "You don't have permission to access /administration/basic_settings.php on this server."

I am guessing something is up with my server cause i get this even when using dolphin. any help would be greatly appreciated.


All permissions are set correctly

All users and groups are set properly - i believe.