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mobile video


Mobile apps typically ask that question. This is not a app, so it won't ask.

Ok, thanks!

I also believe your over thinking things or perhaps don't understand what those questions being asked are for. So perhaps i should try to explain it.

Your uploading photos to this site and others using your phones web browser right? To do that you must have already given the browser permission to access your phones camera and photos.

To verify this you can just go into your phones settings, go to apps and find the browser your using and under that apps permissions, turn off all permissions you previously granted.

Then the next time you try to upload a photo to the site, the browser will again prompt for permission to access the camera and photos. If you deny permission at that time you will not be able to upload a photo to the site. Apps ask for those permissions to be able to do the things such as uploading photos.

Mobile apps typically ask that question. This is not a app, so it won't ask.

Let me correct myself. Once u upload a picture via mobile to a platform, it asks u to give permission. Sorry about that.

Deano, quick question brother. At some point will users be able to take video with their mobile & post it on their page/streaming ?

Via mobile.

I may not have asked correctly, but yes....streaming I guess it's the correct word.

Also, as u know in most mobile apps, once u take a picture, those mobile apps have access to ur phone, etc...

I know that u will not have a mobile app, but u mentioned that u will build it so that the site will look sweet via mobile and probably no use for any mobile app. But if u can, please don't add that feature that the site has access to users mobile data.

If possible.