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ffmpeg with pthreads enabled

Ok. I was able to compile. The current version of ffmpeg is ver 4.2.2. By default, pthreads is enabled by default.

I ran a test using the version of ffmpeg that comes with dolphin and my compiled version on a 720p 25 minute video using ffmpegs default settings. These are the results.


Dolphin default ffmpeg.

Processed at 43fps and took 17 minutes 46 seconds to convert.


My version.

Processed at 250fps using all 8 cores that are in my server and took 3 minutes 2 seconds to convert.


I have to run some more tests, and then see if i can get it to work in cheetah.


There are static versions here also that i am going to check. They are the same version, so unless they were compiled with the --disable-pthreads option, then that version should support pthreads and be the same as the version i compiled.

My compiled version is also much smaller, so i am concerned that it did not compile with static libraries built in. Another thing i will need to check.

I will look into trying to compile one.

The ffmpeg that is currently in use was not compiled with pthreads enabled.  I attempted to compile my own ffmpeg but was met with failure.  I have not been able to find a version of ffmpeg compiled with pthreads enabled.  Threads will allow ffmpeg to use more than one cpu core in processing videos and may help to improve processing speed.  One issue with videos has always been the slowness; it takes time to upload the videos but then they sit in queue waiting to be processed and then often takes time for ffmpeg to process the files.  Humans tend to want instant gratification.