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checkAction() fatal error. Unknown action ID: 0

I was unable to find it. It appears to be a rare issue, and i am going to have to wait until it happens on one of my test sites to be able to debug it.

Deano, we uninstalled the store module to install Premium Store.  Therefore, I can no longer test this issue.  If you don't see anything then don't worry about it.  It may never show up again even with the standard store module.

I decided to see if the member could set up a new shop item.  They could add a new shop item and they could view that shop item.  However, when they try to view the first shop item, it gives the action error.  I also had a second member add a shop item and there was no issues.  This is a strange one.

Yes, it is strange.  The owner of the shop product can't view the listing.  I have confirmed this.  Other members (non admins) can view the product without the actions failure.  I am attaching the sql of the products table.  I find it interesting that someone else way back had the same thing to happen with Dolphin so I am thinking this is a carry over bug from Dolphin.

Ok. So far i have entered a dozen or so test products on a internal dev site and have been unable to reproduce this.

It might be helpful to see a database dump of that products entry in the database. Perhaps something there might help.

New issue in place.

I will look into it as soon as i can.

This is the same problem that was posted on Boonex that was never really solved.

This is just one user.  We even changed the membership level for the user and they still get the same error message when they try to open the store; this is a product they created.

I set up a backtrace to help.  This is the standard store module that ships with Cheetah.  A different user was able to visit the store product.  It appears to me isAllowedAdd() is the action that is causing the issue.


266 $actionID

#0 checkAction(2, 266, ) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/modules/cheetah/store/classes/ChStoreModule.php:671] #1 ChStoreModule->isAllowedAdd() called at [/home/domainname/public_html/templates/base/scripts/ChBaseFunctions.php(234) : eval()'d code:1] #2 eval() called at [/home/domainname/public_html/templates/base/scripts/ChBaseFunctions.php:234] #3 ChBaseFunctions->markerReplace(Array ([BaseUri] => m/store/,[url] =>,[window_width] => 660,[window_height] => 200,[anonym_mode] => 1), {evalResult}, return ($GLOBALS['logged']['member'] && ChWsbModule::getInstance('ChStoreModule')->isAllowedAdd()) || $GLOBALS['logged']['admin'] ? _t('_ch_store_action_add_product') : '';, 1) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/templates/base/scripts/ChBaseFunctions.php:166] #4 ChBaseFunctions->genActionLink(Array ([BaseUri] => m/store/,[url] =>,[window_width] => 660,[window_height] => 200,[anonym_mode] => 1), Array ([Caption] => {evalResult},[Icon] => plus,[Url] => {BaseUri}browse/my&ch_store_filter=add_product,[Script] => ,[Eval] => return ($GLOBALS['logged']['member'] && ChWsbModule::getInstance('ChStoreModule')->isAllowedAdd()) || $GLOBALS['logged']['admin'] ? _t('_ch_store_action_add_product') : '';,[bDisplayInSubMenuHeader] => 0), menuLink, action_submenu) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/templates/base/scripts/ChBaseFunctions.php:716] #5 ChBaseFunctions->genObjectsActions(Array ([BaseUri] => m/store/,[url] =>,[window_width] => 660,[window_height] => 200,[anonym_mode] => 1), ch_store_title, , actions_submenu, action_submenu) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/templates/base/scripts/ChBaseMenu.php:84] #6 ChBaseMenu->setCustomSubActions(Array ([BaseUri] => m/store/,[url] =>,[window_width] => 660,[window_height] => 200,[anonym_mode] => 1), ch_store_title, ) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/modules/cheetah/store/request.php:26] #7 ChStoreRequest::processAsAction(Array ([id] => 69,[title] => Store,[vendor] => Cheetah,[version] => 1.1.0,[update_url] => ,[path] => cheetah/store/,[uri] => store,[class_prefix] => ChStore,[db_prefix] => ch_store_,[dependencies] => files,[date] => 1614775083), Array ([0] => view,[1] => Testing-store-function)) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/modules/cheetah/store/request.php:32] #8 include(/home/domainname/public_html/modules/cheetah/store/request.php) called at [/home/domainname/public_html/modules/index.php:25]