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Your Thoughts!

Thanks for posting. I already have this on my site and it works very well. The basic example shown in the IMAGE below can be extended to contain screenshorts and even links. In my example, the member can click FAQ and it will take them to the correct FAQ page.

The window appears the first time a member goes to the page and it doesn't reappear unless they click a question mark at the top right of the page.

You can have a help window for almost any page and you can add more over time. Each one remains available for re-viewing if needed.

This module is available for Dolphin, but converts fine for Cheetah. It's called "Pages Helper" and it's available here:

Anton's modules are excellent, but very expensive.  You could write and make an offer because he realises Dolphin is finished. It may also get Anton to rethink and make his modules available here.

A new site information popup would be nice. Something that pops up at a predefined time thats is chosen in Admin. One that could be for instance, set to show, new content new or current issues being addresses on site, as well as something that could show reminders, updates, etc. This way one one logs in they are shown any new content, site issues and ourkept in the mix of the site and happenings. People like to be informed. they like to not have to wonder or guess.

The feature could be fully set in Admin, such as time/date to display, intervals to display, or even set to address a certain account/Profile, etc.

This is an open discussion where I hope a few of our dormant members will tap a few keys and have their say.

I'm running the Beta version of Cheetah (1.3.0) which has dozens more enhancements than the current stable version. It's working perfectly and some of the enhancements are great!

HOWEVER! Despite running an additional 20 plus modules from Modzzz and Anton, which offer dozens of additional features, the most asked question from my members is: "What can we actually do here?" 

One member went on to say: "All I can do, is look at profiles, find someone near me and send a message. Other than posting photos of myself, what else can I actually do?"

Here's some interesting facts:

  • Only two members have posted on the forum. That's the same on this forum as well. Despite having almost 60 members here, very few people take the time to say anything.
  • Only three members have created a Blog
  • Nobody has used Groups or Events
  • Nobody has placed a Classified.
  • Nobody reacts to the Activity Feeds (Timeline) Similar to here.
  • A lot of people don't answer messages.

Thanks to Deano, my site emails are now being received by people, but I think the missing link, which I've mentioned before is - communication!

I believe we need the facilities to tell our members that things are actually happening on the site. This would be by a weekly or monthly email stating:

  • New Members
  • New Photos
  • New videos
  • New Posts
  • New Forum Posts
  • New Messages etc.
  • Plus. . . .

What are your thoughts? What will make our Cheetah sites irresistible?