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World Map Module

Yep, like you guys, I have played with Google maps many times and it is very confusing. I entered a payment method then removed it cause I don't trust them at all. Yes, this module needs a complete face lift, when u can Deano. Peace out!


The Map module is one of the things on my todo list.

I may muck about with it when I have time; it is needed for a site I am working on.  Google's new APIs are confusing as everything.  The owner signed up with Google and got an API and I can't get it to work; therefore, the current World Map doesn't seem to be compatible with the new Google Map service; she was given about six different API code and none of them would work.  I even went and started a new project, double check the URL etc and got a new API and no go.  Not sure if it is me or Google.


i did post in the forums that i was dumping google.

There was some conversation about that in earlier posts and you did mention a specific service. Sadly that service which seems to rely on volunteers, doesn't quite reach where I live and many parts of Australia to boot. Inaccurate maps have brought a lot of people undone, so I'd reluctantly choose no map display at all rather than an inaccurate one.

Google wasn't much better a few years ago. It showed a four lane highway for the street where my club was. It's actually a two lane everyday road. It was corrected within weeks once I notified them.

The Map module is one of the things on my todo list. I can't remember when i mentioned it, but i did post in the forums that i was dumping google.

Maps can be an important part of some sites; for example, if you have events it is nice for members to have a map of the event location; and maybe even be able to do route calculations.  The World Map module is basically a Google maps module and I understand why; at one time Google dominated the map world.    There are alternatives to Google maps; while most do have a free tier, they also have paid levels as well when you need to have higher requests.   There are some universities in the US offering free geocoding but only for US or US/Canadian addresses (check your country for similar).    I am looking at a geocoding service that offers batch requests; the response is a JSON document.

I have javascript that will generate a map using a free mapping service; the accuracy may not be as great as Google maps.  You pass the longitude and the latitude of the location to the javascript and it will generate the map and display it.  I was looking at rewriting the World Map to handle the geocoding to the database using my alternative geocoding service and then I could pull the long and lat from the World Map database; using what has already been created.

I got to thinking how difficult would it be to rewrite the World Map module to be more of a generic map module where one could use their own services.  I haven't looked into the mapping world to see how standardised such things are as in requesting geocoding of addresses and what is the standard means of sending back the geocoded address data.   I also haven't looked into the World Map module to see the nuts and bolts in that much detail.   It seems like I am always pressed for time.