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Working with Node.js

I have also run into pretty much the same issues as i was playing with and trying to learn webRTC.

For the last couple of months; on and off, I have been looking at webRTC video applications; I looked at jitsi and discarded it.  I have been installing and testing several.  I decided to look at webRTC tied to a SFU server (Selective Forwarding Unit).  Most applications are built with node.js.  I have had some frustrating moments trying to figure out error messages.  This evening it was an install that kept failing because it was to make a directory and then it would report the directory did not exist.  When checking the directory did exist.  The application did not state a node.js version.  Earlier I had an issue where I had to downgrade the node.js version; I incorrectly assumed that a higher version of node.js would work on a app developed with a lower version of node.js.  I assumed wrong.  After a lot of wasted time, I decided to install a later version of node.js and the app installed with the error message gone.  The moral of this story is that if you can't get a node.js app to install, try changing the node.js version; either up or down.

There is a node.js manager that will allow you to easily change versions but I am not using it on the small vds server I am using for testing.  I grab the node.js version I want and then install it, letting it replace the current node.js version.