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What features would you like?


I agree that mobile/cell phone compatibility is a 'must have'.

Cheetah works fine on a mobile using the evolution or evo templates, but I agree it would be fantastic if phone uses could have an app that supported all the mobile phone buzz features like hashtags and the like. Mobile apps are quite different than the web version of Cheetah and I guess it really comes down to someone creating a stand-alone app. Oxwall had an option where users could load a PC or Mobile template, but I think that was before responsive templates were invented. If hashtags and the like were considered, I think they should be an option.

A couple of years ago I did a poll on my site and only 20% visited it on their mobile. I'll bet it would be different now! As my site is now essentially non functionable, it would be great if someone here who has a site with 1000 plus members could do as similar poll.

My concern is an ever increasing trend for people to use facebook. People are like lemmings in that they continue to use platforms they know are ripping them off. This is why I'm looking for that one thing facebook doesn't have - yet. One of course is "ad-free" pages, but that doesn't seem to matter. I have a FB page with two friends and virtually no posts. Yet every day it's filled with ads and Groups I should join. Both my friends refuse to contact me via email. They will only use FB messenger because to them, FB is the Internet!

Hi, I agree that mobile/cell phone compatibility is a 'must have'. For me it's also about good organization and making it easy for members to organize their content (photos, videos, forums, polls) and for their content to be found (i.e. categories, tags, mentions, hashtags). And good search capabilities. Here are some of the modules I have grown to enjoy and found useful:

Messages Monitor, What They Say, Profile Notes, Report, Spoofing Members (log in as member), Custom Links, Membership, Actions Manager, Who Viewed Me, Who I Viewed, Birthdays, Simple Messenger, Timeline, Polls, Forum, Notifications, Payments, SMTP Mailer, Member Highlight

I'd also like to see a good chat room like HTML5 Chat integration.

Following on from another post re photo privacy options, I'd love to see Cheetah become an all-powerful social media platform with emphasis on photos and videos. Not so much video storage, but interaction with other video services, including the adult ones. To put it bluntly, the inherited photo module is a train wreck, but Deano has managed to put a few carriages back on the rails.

Despite my using the module for almost ten years, I still struggle to move photos around in terms of what comes first, or from gallery to gallery. Everything is difficult, but that's not how it should be.  You get this when you try to modify things, and that's why it's often better to start with a clean sheet.

I spend too much time looking at other social networking offerings out  there, of which there are hundreds. Despite Dolphin and Cheetah being the most powerful and with the most features by far, they're NEVER mentioned. Without shooting ourselves in the foot, we can change this, but there has to be a magic wand. Something needs to stand out and Media seems to be it. 

- The best photo gallery system on the planet.

- The only video module that does most streamers, not just Youtube and Vimeo. 

These would be a great start and I started this thread to see if anyone else has other ideas.

A member of this group had a site with almost 1,000 members. Although she had Chat on it, not one member ever used it. What they did use was the photos module - and personal chat (messages)!


The other option is - develop the free core and charge for the modules. Forget the 3rd party developers because it's not easy to control people who don't work for you.

Boonex was going to move to this plan with Dolphin but of course decided to drop Dolphin and dust off 12 year old code (at the time) and present it as new.   UNA has some free core modules with the rest; called "Power Apps" as paid modules.  They have a subscription base on the power apps but you can cancel the subscription and still use your current version of the power apps but not upgrade any power app.

Yes to all. However, mobile is huge, Deano what on the board for mobile layout?

Tabs for profiles: I'm already using ExpertKris's Tabs. It works quite well and looks good after some template changes:   Click on any club profile to see the tabs at work. This an old Dolphin site, but "Profile Tabs" does work on Cheetah. The problem is, Kris only did Tabs for the Profile View, I think his brother did it for Profile Edit, but it's nowhere as good. So much so, I don't use it. Oxwall's Tabs looked the same in View or Edit.

Compatibility: It does worry me that things break, sadly sooner than later. A few of the third party modules I need to use to port my site over, don't work on Cheetah and that's a big worry for me. One 3rd party module seems to have broken on my Dolphin site as well, but the developer who once jumped on things immediately, has said he's flagged the problem "for investigation". All these things are a concern and at my age (80 this week) I may need to think about moving on. I think I can honestly say "Life is too short!"

That got me thinking about the VW. They continued with the concept for almost 60 years, then they  just dumped it. I assume people just lost interest in driving a 60 year old box and that's probably what happened with Dolphin. Boonex just dumped it. So I took another look at Wiccle today and said to myself, this looks like a good program that was dumped for a different reason - company infighting.  In all honesty, if Wiccle was still around, that's where I'd probably be right now. I've raised it with Deano before, but maybe, just maybe, a fork of Wiccle with all its modules may be a better horse to back than Dolphin. As far as I can see, it was open-source. I think the Wiccle guys had a good concept in that iWiccle was a free stand-alone, whereas Wiccle which had many more modules was a commercial product. The other option is - develop the free core and charge for the modules. Forget the 3rd party developers because it's not easy to control people who don't work for you.


I have to prepare for the possibility that no module developers are going to take any interest in Cheetah,

Boonex didn' t help by censoring anything Cheetah on the Boonex site.  I have contacted a few developers but they want to see a big user base before they come in.

The tabs for profiles is a Dolphin module, John, in case you are interested.  Of course as Deano said, Dolphin modules may not work in the future.

Yes, i would like to see suggestions for features people want as well. And this would include features such as those that are currently provided by any third party modules being used.

I have to prepare for the possibility that no module developers are going to take any interest in Cheetah, and those that use cheetah need to be prepared for the possibility that eventually dolphin modules will no longer work with cheetah. I cannot maintain backwards compatibility forever.

Anyhoo. As for the Photo upload limits. I have been looking in to that for some time now, and the ACL system that is currently in place in the memberships for limiting the number of actions performed for specific tasks is not adequate. Some modules would required different settings than others. The current system uses the same 4 settings for every module that uses the ACL system and that is just way to limiting. So i am actually thinking of dropping that limited membership action control system and placing controls for what membership levels can do within the modules itself. Photos for example would need controls for limiting the number of albums that can be created, the number of allowed photos per album, the total number of photos allowed, ect. I just can't do that kind of fine control from a generic system that all modules use. So yea, better ways to control what users can and cannot do is on the drawing board.

Hi everyone, things have been a bit too quiet here lately and @Willmonte's last post didn't even get people (including myself) motivated. So here I am, chucking a bit of smoke into the Hornet's nest to see if a few of the "silent" members out there can be awakened.

What features would you like to see in Cheetah? It doesn't matter how whacky you think they may be, what say you let us all know.

This is not a suggestions list, it's just an open discussion to see how many of us have similar ideas. I'll kick off with a couple, but I do have more. Let's hear about  what you would like. Hey, if you haven't posted here before, now is your opportunity. If you like an idea, say "Me too." If you don't, you may wish to say why.

  1. Tabbed Profiles: This is the one I want most. Tabbed profiles and Tabbed Profile Editing. This means you can have tabs for: General Info, Location, Hobbies, etc., instead of one long page of questions and answers. This was a fantastic feature in Oxwall.
  2. Photo upload limits: Yep, this is my second wish. Being able to limit the number of photos a member can post depending on their membership status would be so helpful. I'm on one social networking site where people have posted thousands of photos. They look like frames from a movie.

I'll leave it up to you, but I promise to be back!